Welcome to Pik-Nik

For 75 years, home of the All-American snack
Anywhere... Anytime... Have a Pik-Nik!

Shoestring Potatoes

America's favorite take-along snack, available in seven fun flavors

We make our shoestrings using only fresh potatoes, pure vegetable oil, and the finest seasonings. Great for snacks or in recipes.

French Fried Onions

An American classic, new from Pik-Nik

Made in California from fresh onions, these crunchy bites dress up your salads, top your casseroles, or liven up your lunch as a snack right out of the can.

We pack all of our products in reclosable canisters so they stay fresh and crunchy right to the bottom of the can.

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Since we put up our first website, people have searched for us under Pik-Nik, piknik, picknick, and picnic. But any way you spell it, they taste great. As it says on our label, "Anytime... Anywhere... Have a Pik-Nik!"