From certified organic to guilty pleasures — there's a Pik-Nik snack for everyone!

Shoestring Potatoes

Original, 50% Less Salt, and Organic Shoestrings—plus 4 outrageous flavors—are all made in the USA from fresh potatoes.

Organic Potato Sticks

Everything you loved about our Original Shoestring Potatoes brought to life using only certified organic ingredients.

French Fried Onions

The unmistakable punch of fresh onions, lightly seasoned and fried–bring it!

Cheese Snacks

Curls or Puffs? It’s a win-win either way.

Five Pik-Nic Snack Containers

We make delicious snacks from the finest ingredients, and we pack them in our distinctive reclosable canisters so they’re fresh and crunchy right to the bottom of the can.

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